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SHE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to offering top-notch solutions of property software in Pakistan to meet the diverse needs of Real estate property management. Established in 2003, our company has maintained a unique pace of progress with its innovative ideas and skilled technical team. Our Property Management Software in Pakistan's real estate sector is designed to deliver comprehensive analytics reports covering end-to-end tasks, payment schedules, and the management of various sales and purchase operations. Our 24/7 live support assists clients to step forward and reach their milestones without any hazards. Now, you can stay with software through desktop and mobile-optimized applications round-the-clock. SHE Technologies also provides Property Mobile App, Integration Services, Sales Management System, Amazon Web Services, CRM Software, Accounts Management System and many others. LET YOUR BUSINESS ELEVATE WITH US!

Ladder ERP System

Commission Management System
Sales And Management System
Account Management System
Billing & Rental Management System
Dealer Management System
Construction Management System

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Digitalize your plot search on computer by installing the builder map application by SHE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Now have a chance to attract and deal your client in your office.

WhatsApp Integraion

WhatsApp integration services work by connecting the messaging platform with other software applications through APIs. WhatsApp integrations come with a host of key features like Messaging Automation, CRM Integration, Chatbot Support, Analytics and Reporting and Multichannel Communication that empower businesses to enhance their communication and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Facebook Integraion

Facebook integration services refer to the process of integrating Facebook's features, such as login, sharing, and analytics, into a business's website or mobile application. SHE Tech's Facebook Integration Services offer businesses a comprehensive toolkit for maximizing conversions and sales.

Bank Integraion

Banking Integration Services are a game-changer for businesses in Pakistan. By streamlining your financial operations and automating banking integrations, you can save time, reduce errors, improve cash flow management, and make data-driven decisions.

Branded SMS

Branded SMS

This world is a Global Village of Information sharing and can introduce your company & business using this with proper and cheapest way with branded SMS. Can send message on any event e.g Eid Greetings, Happy New Year, Independance Day and also at Booking of Plot, Receiving of Payments, Reminders etc.

Talking Application For Mobile

Talking Application with Mobile (TAM)

Now you can Talk to computer and get reply using mobile. Send SMS from your mobile to to computer (on particular SIM #) and get reply. e.g. Balance Inquiry, Status of any Plot.

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System

HRMS is a human resource management system which is designed to automate activities performed by a human resources department. It covers the modules Personnel , Attendance, Leaves, Loans, Salary etc

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Mobile Applications

SAMS MOBILE APP Click Here To Download

With our user-friendly SAMS Mobile app, Customers can effortlessly access their up-to-date file statements and the current status of their multiple files. Take control of your real estate journey – download now and experience the difference.

CRM MOBILE APP Click Here To Download

Our user-friendly mobile app lets you effortlessly generate leads, schedule follow-ups, and even save important call recordings. Take the next step in building stronger relationships – download now and experience the difference.


A Complaint Management System (CMS) app is designed to streamline the process of receiving, tracking, and resolving customer complaints or feedback efficiently and effectively.