Account Management System

Account Management System

SHE Technologies’ Account Management system provides full transparency and accountability to creating ledger reports. Our Account Management software is fully customized and fit for all nature of businesses. With its friendly and customizable interface it help businesses get things done efficiently and professionally.

The core dashboard can be integrated with other available system through LAN to provide a hurdle free communication with accounting team. With its reliable features it allows the accounts team an upgraded accounts management environment to create reports and daily transactions with simple clicks.

Following are the top features you will receive with Account Management Software installation.

Software Features:
  • Chart of accounts
  • Facility to define multi vouchers types
  • Facility to make financial posting period
  • Account opening balance
  • Auto generated & manual voucher number
  • G-l account opening & party account opening
  • User wise voucher creation window
  • User right wise vouchers deletion / amendment
  • User wise voucher posting
  • Inquiries of voucher
  • MIS system, fully parameterized
  • Balance sheet / profit loss statement
  • Trial balance, accounts ledger
  • Day book, cash book, accounts aging
Many More reports are available in the system

Below are the some Account Management Software details that we think every user should understand before installing it.

Chart of Accounts

It gives full level wise chart of accounts access to account officer and creates an environment for them to run multi branches accounts through one chart of accounts screen. An easy and customizable chart of account module for account management system.

Voucher Types:

five types of vouchers are available within one module. Save accounts data separately according to its voucher types. The available vouchers types are:

  • BP – Bank Payment Voucher
  • BR- Bank Receipt Voucher
  • CP- Cash Payment Voucher
  • CR- Cash Receipt Voucher
  • JV- Journal Voucher

Save the voucher defining their appropriate type in database and search with one click to view any individual data.

Financial Year / Posting Period

The fiscal year, the financial year or posting period is the time defined by a company to evaluate company’s financial performance. Normally, four quarterly periods describes the fiscal quarters and the annual posting period covers the entire fiscal year. The Financial Year module covers starting and closing fiscal year

  • Opening & Closing Financial Year
  • Auto-Reset Vouchers Serial at Fiscal End
  • Manage Multi Branches Accounts Yearly
  • Financial Years wise Voucher Entry
General Ledger / Posting Accounts Opening Module

Our Account Management Software general ledger module is quite simple. It helps individual create and save the balance sheet and income transactions report and save it for the next time. The module integrates with the center database to make sure each entry is being saved directly into database. The general ledger is based on and includes all notes payable, accounts payable, accrued expenses payable and customer deposits. The statement accounts based on and include all sales services fee revenues, rent expenses, interest expense, loss on disposal, salaries expense and advertising expense statement sheets.

The main types of General Ledger Module are
  • GL/Posting Accounts Opening under Chart of Account
  • Accounts Title
  • Accounts Opening Date
  • Account Type
  • Accounts Minimum & Maximum Balance
  • Address & Contact information (in case of parties & vendor account)
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Detailed Software Features:-

Chart of Account

  • Chart of Account
    • (COA) Chart of A/C creation at Level 4
    • Addition / deletion / editing with user rights in (COA)

Voucher Types

  • Voucher Types
    • Multi voucher types
    • Bank payment, bank receipt, cash payment, cash receipt / JV

Financial Year Opening / Closing

  • Financial Year Opening / Closing
    • Financial year definition

    • Financial year status “Active /Close”

    • Auto voucher No. reset/regenerate

    • Financial year wise user entry

Accounts Opening Balances

  • Accounts Opening Balances
    • A/Cs opening balance in Dr/Cr

    • Opening balances on particular date

Auto/Manual Voucher No. Generation

  • Auto/Manual Voucher No. Generation
    • Computer generated voucher No. serial

    • Manual voucher No. handling in database

General Ledger / Party Account Opening

  • General Ledger / Party Account Opening
    • Posting A/C opening at Level 5

    • A/C opening date, A/C title, A/C types, Min/Max balance

    • Party address, contacts information,

Voucher Creation / Finalization

  • Voucher Creation / Finalization
    • User wise voucher creation

    • User wise voucher posting/finalization

    • Finalization of vouchers

    • Pre-finalized / Finalized voucher Printing

    • Range wise voucher printing

Voucher Deletion / Amendment

  • Voucher Deletion / Amendment (User Right Based)
    • Voucher created by, voucher finalization by

    • Voucher deleted by, voucher amended by

    • User rights based options of creation / finalization

    • User right based option of deletion / amen

Coming Soon

Accounts Voucher Inquiry

  • Accounts Voucher Inquiry
    • Un-Editable inquiry of single voucher

    • Un-Editable inquiry of vouchers List

    • A/C list inquiry, chart of A/C inquiry

Accounts & Financial Reports

  • Accounts & Financial Reports
    • Accounts ledger
    • Trial balance
    • Cash book / Day book
    • Financial Accounts aging / Voucher printing / Transaction journal
    • MIS System, Fully parameterized
      • Balance sheet / Profit Loss statement
      • Many more reports are available in the system