Module Price

SAMS Module

SAMS is the property management solution you have been looking for. This one-stop shop has everything you need to streamline your business and improve efficiency, all in one place. From tenant screening to lease signing, SAMS does it all! If you are not using SAMS yet, now is the time to switch. Visit our website(SHE Technologies) for more information. The best way to keep tenants happy is with a comprehensive property management system like this. Not only will it organize every aspect of your properties but also help ensure that your renters are always treated right. With so many options available, there's no reason why you should be wasting any more time managing on paper or just hoping things work out. You will get this module at a very reasonable from us.

Charges for this Module

Module cost is 1 million and it varies from client to client. This number seems like a lot, but there are many factors that go into the price of each module. Some modules will need to be custom built for your specific needs which can drive up the price. Also, you'll want any features available in other modules that may only be available in one or two other modules as well as options on colors and textures. The more customized you make your site, the higher your final price will end up being because of all these additional costs added together over time. Whereas, the average cost of maintenance can be anywhere between 10k and 50k.