Construction Management System

Construction Management Software

SHE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides professional approach towards construction management projects. Our dedicated support team is smart enough to figure out what your construction management projects needs are inform and provides your management requirements to SHE programmers to cater a customized project management solution. Our customized construction management system is built in a way to meet the clients’ demands and support them with its artificial intelligence resources.

Real estate management is not an easy task and where property sale, purchase and rental fields are involved things get to messy around and we understand that because we have been in real estate management sector since 2003. The reason behind introducing SHE construction management system to builders is quite simple and that’s “make them smart enough to keep every construction management aspects in focus”.

Our construction management software is specially developed to cater the following day to day business needs of “Construction and store department” in order to smooth line the flow. Following features highlights the system capabilities:

  • Budgeting (BOQ)

Job creation made easy in the construction management system keep the budgeting in control while creating jobs project wise.

  • Manage and control material expenses

It helps you automatically prepare the purchase demand notice as it artificial intelligence strikes the lowest inventory level. Always stay ahead and mature enough to deliver the required inventory in time.

  • Prepare Demand Notice

SHE construction management software enables our clients to automatically create demand notice while tracking the stock inventory in any view. Receive or return goods and complete the party ledger in the easiest way.

Stay up-to-date through detailed report with our construction management system.

Detailed Software Features:-

Budgeting (BOQ)

  • Budgeting (BOQ)
    • Jobs Creation

    • Budgeting for each Job

    • Project wise Jobs

Purchase Demands

  • Purchase Demands
    • Purchase Demand Note

    • Purchase Demand Finalization

Purchase Order (PO)

  • Purchase Order (PO)
    • Purchase Order Creation

    • Purchase Order Auto As Per Demand

    • Purchase Order Supplier Wise

    • Purchase Order Finalization

    • PO Printing

Purchase Order Receiving

  • Purchase Order Receiving
    • Purchased Order Receiving.

    • Purchase order Final Inspection

    • Goods Received Notes (GRN )

    • Stock Update against Purchase Order

    • Party Ledger Update

Stock Return to Suppliers

  • Stock Return to Suppliers
    • Stock return to Suppliers

    • Supplier’s Ledger Update

Requisition to Store Department

  • Requisition to Store Department
    • Requisition Creation

    • Requisition Finalization

    • Manage Pending Requisition

Stock Issue to Requisition Department

  • Stock Issue to Requisition Department
    • Stock Issuance against Requisition

    • Stock Issuance Finalization

    • Stock return to Store against requisition

Store Stock Status (Inquiry) & Issue Return

  • Stock Issue Return
    • Issued Stock Return

  • Store Stock Status (Inquiry)
    • Store wise stock inquiry

    • Category wise stock inquiry

    • Item / size wise stock inquiry

    • Total Stock Value

Coming Soon

Stock Issuance Reports

  • Stock Issuance Reports
    • Stock Issuance Report against Requisition No.

    • Date wise stock issuance against Requisition No.

    • Stock issue Detail Item Wise

    • Issuance Stock Return Reports

    • Issued Stock Return Report

Purchase Orders Reports

  • Purchase Orders Reports
    • Purchase Order Printing
    • Purchase Order Receiving printing
    • Supplier wise Purchase Orders Reports
    • Date range wise Purchase orders details
    • Daily Purchase order
    • Purchase Order Receiving
    • Item wise GRN and Printing
    • Purchase Return Report

Stock Reports

  • Daily Stock Requisition Reports
    • Daily Requisition Issue Details Report

  • Store Stock Reports
    • Store wise Stock Status Report

    • Category Wise Stock Status report

    • Item wise stock status report

    • Total stock values report category & Item wise