Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System (COMS) Specially Designed & Developed to Manage the Complaints, inquiries and suggestion of Members against Electricity, Water, Sewerage, Gas, Security, Services, Working etc.

This is web base software enables you to quickly and accurately respond to customer requests submitted via different channels. By using this system, you can provide better services to their customers and improve Quality process to mitigate any further customer complaints. And as a results increase Business as well.

Set Up :

Define Nature of Complaints.
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Security
  • Garbage etc
  • Garbage etc
Define Staff / Super visor against each Complaint.
Define Staff Logins / Password.

Log Complaints :

Open the company website and click button Complaints.
Complaints form will open.
Log Complaints / Inquiry with detail.
  • Member Name
  • Block & House No.
  • Nature of Complain. ( Electric, Water, Gas, Security etc)
  • Detail of Complaint / Inquiry.
  • Members availability timing for visit
Unique Complaint # will be assigned against each Complaint / Inquiry

Assignment & working :

Assign complaint / inquiry to respective supervisor.
Setting priority of complaint /Inquiry.
Working against the complaint / inquiry.
Update Status & Remarks against each complaint.


Getting Feedback against Complaint / Inquiry.


Complaints Dashboard.
Total Complaints with status.
Staff wise complaints with status.
Monthly/Period Complaints Summary Report.

Detailed Software Features:-


  • Receivable Frequency
    • Every Month

    • One Time

  • Multiple Payment types
    • Security Charges

    • Park Fee

    • Parking Charges

    • Mosque

    • Cable Charges

    • Fine etc

Rebate / Adjustment against Receivables

  • Rebate against multiple Receivable payment types
    • Rebate on Rental / Billing Payment

  • Adjustment on payable payment
    • Adjustment of Advance / Security Payables on account of Receivables.

Bills Generation and Receipts

  • Bills Generation.
    • Bills generation for all.

    • Bills generation for specific Shop/Office.

  • Bills Reversal
    • Bills can be regenerate.

    • Bills can be reverse after finalization

  • Bills Finalization
    • Bills finalization after bills generation.

  • Payment receiving against due amount.
    • Auto / Manual Receipt no.

    • Rebate at the time of payment receiving

    • Payment mode and instrument detail.

    • Receipt printing

  • Payment receiving as advance
  • Partial payment receiving against due amount.
  • Auto Arrears amounts in next bill.
  • Misc Bills Generation

Property Transfer

  • Property can be Transfer from one owner to other.
  • Transfer charges bill Generation.

Bill Installment

  • Installment can be done on any bill on member’s request.
  • Monthly installment amount will be add in next bills.

Care Alerts

  • Multi care alerts can be assigned against and favor of clients
    • VIP Client

    • Reference of Chief Executive.

    • Make a fraud with our officer last year

  • Auto popup while accessing Registration No

Easy and User Friendly

  • Multiple User can work
    • User id and Password
    • User working track.


  • Out Standing Payments Reports
    • Finalize Bills receivables.
    • Client’s receivable detail.
    • Clients out standing detail.
    • Clients Arrears detail
    • Ussr working track.
  • Receiving Payments Reports
    • Clients Payment receiving.
    • Clients Bills status.
    • Clients Bills status in detail.
    • Clients receiving payment wise.
    • Clients receiving detail date wise.
    • Daily Receipts summary.
    • Advance / Adjustment receiving.
    • Daily recovery.
    • Electric bill with unit rate.
  •  Clients Information Reports
    • Client’s information detail.
    • Premises owner information detail.
    • Leaving clients payments status.
    • Vacant and Booked Shop/ Apartment.
    • Shop/ Apartment De-allocation detail.
    • Leaving Clients detail.
  • Clients Bills Detail and Printing
    • Clients Bills printing.
    • Clients Bills printing due date wise.
    • Clients Payment printing.