Sale Management System

Sales Management Module (SAMS)

The reason of integrating sales management system with your business is to effectively manage every aspect of your business’s services sales. It enables sales persons to closely monitor track leads, manage sales contacts professionally.

Sales Management tool helps sales team save time while helping them effectively track business leads, manage clients’ data and get organized. In short it’s a tool that fuel up the salesperson to reach and cover the achieve mileage. Our Sales & Management System CRM provides best overview to marketing managers to keep hawk eye to their team performance. No matter what are your expectations and whatever your business category is, our CRM is customized and smart enough to perfectly blend in according to your business requirements.

We have integrated all the best possible features in our system. Our clients from Real Estate category nominates SHE CRM as:

  • Easy and Simple to use
  • Customizable
  • Professional sales reporting

Our real estate sales management system is one of its own kind either you are having trouble in sales funnel or it is something necessary and closer to your business marketing team our CRM covers each aspect of the system. Our real estate management system covers:

  • Registration No
  • Members ID
  • Payment Plan
  • Receipts
  • Care Alerts
  • Transfers
  • Cancellation
  • Map
  • Allocation & De-Allocation
  • Refunds, Merging & Adjustments
  • Re-Sale of Files/Shop/Apartments
  • Security
  • Reports

Our Reports section covers following reports
  • Bookings Reports
  • Members & Challan Forms
  • Installments Reports
  • File/Shop Reports
These are bells and whistles of the SHE real estate CRM that make us stand alone in Pakistan real estate industry.

Detailed Software Features:-

Member Registration

  • Assign a Unique Registration
  • Personal Information of Client
    • Name, Father Name, DOB

    • Address, Contacts, Communication

  • Booking Information & Payment Plan Selection
    • Date of Booking, Payment Plan

    • Total Price, Discount, Net Price

    • Other Payments Plans, Installments Plan

    • Customized Payment Plan (Optional)

Nominee & other Misc Details

  • Nominee & Other Misc Details
    • Nominee Details

    • Form No., File No. Allocation No.

    • Alerts, Analysis Flag

  • Scan Documents & attach with File
    • Customer Picture, Other Agreement Documents

Allocation / De-Allocation

  • Allocation
    • Check Availability

    • Allocate Plot to Registration #

    • Stock Update

  • De-Allocation
    • De-Allocate

    • New Plot Allocate

    • Stock Update

Communication with clients

  • Statements
    • Payment Schedule

    • Accounts Statement

    • Surcharge Statement

    • Surcharge Calculation Sheet

  • Letters
    • Reminders

    • Cancellation

    • NOC

    • Allotment Letters etc

Payment Receiving

  • Payment Mode
    • Cash

    • Cheque

    • PO/DD

    • Online

  • Payments Features
    • Adjustment base on Due Date

    • Receipt Printing (client copy, Office Copy)

    • Thanks SMS to client

Map / Stock Management

  • Map Entry with Parameters
    • Block

    • Plots

    • Size (Marla, Sq. Feet etc)

    • Nature (Commercial / Residence)

    • Category (Corner, Boulevard, Facing Park )

    • Dimention

Cancellation / Re-Activation

  • Cancellation
    • Filtering Defaulter

    • Cancellation Notice

    • Cancellation File

    • Cancellation Letter

  • Re-Activation
    • Application

    • Approval

    • Re-Activate

    • Re-Activation Charges


  • Draft / Application
    • Buyer Information

    • Transfer Date

    • Transfer Charges

    • Dealer Through etc

  • Printing & Verification
    • NDC

    • Transfer Sheet

    • Thumb Verification (Biometric Module)

  • Finalized Transfer
  • Shift to New Buyer
  • Transfer History Update

Coming Soon

Refund / Merging

  • Refund/Merging
    • Application

    • Calculate Settlement charges

    • Calculation of Refund Amount

  • Refund Amount = Refundable Amount - Deduction


  • Keeping Amount Same
  • Installments Amount can be change
  • Number of installment can change
  • Waive Amounts
  • Locking File
  • Multi Payment Plans Making
  • Client Full Inquiry with view only


  • Reports
    • Clients Over Due, Clients Outstanding, Total Received

    • Month Wise Receivable, Block Wise Due & Received

    • Available and Book Plot Status

    • Daily Collection Summary

    • Receipt Book Details

    • Payment Wise Due & Received

    • Recovery Reports