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Ladder Mobile App

This is era of revolution & protocols. Clients need protocol & their importance and it should be, that also effect on your business as well. IT sector is one area, where this requirement of client can be fullfill upto some extent as everyone holding & watching this mobile device all the time. In that prospective SHE Technolgies made a Mobile App for your end clients where they can get benefit to know about their Ledgers/Plots/Files status and Payments using Mobile App . This Mobile App also gives the lots of benefits on Developer / Builder Side as well and briefing as below.

Advertisement Area

The Mobile screen is divided into 2 parts.
1. First part is half part of mobile screen will be used for advertisement by Developers and all this is FREE message to all customers who using this mobile app. This is just like the slider showing on website and can put adds like
a. Notice to Customers / Clients
b. Upcoming Project Add
c. Development Working Status
d. Reminder for pending Payments
e. Any Message to Customer
2. Secon halft part of mobile screen will be used to show Functionalties of Mobile App as Icons e.g.
a. Gallery
b. Payment Plans
c. Statement / Ledger
d. Future Development etc

Gallery Area

Companies normaly do the events to promote the business and branding. All these events pictures should be captures and shown to those clients who could not join the event. In the event area of mobile app can do as
1. Define the Event Name e.g.
a. First Balloting
b. Annual Dinner
c. Opening Ceremony of Any thing
d. Many More
2. In each event area can put multiple pictures showig the beauties of that event.

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Payment Plans

Every new customers need the payment methods & Plans easily published by Developers and this mobile appis best way to communicate for such matters. There is special sections of Payments plans where developers can put multiple payments for different categorys and sized of files & Plots as
a. 5 Marla Payment Plans
b. 5 Marla Payment Plan for Possession Plots
c. 10-Marls Payment Plan for 3 Years
d. 10-Marla Payment Plan for 4 Years etc
By putting all these payment plans in customer hands via mobile app, customer can easily take, read and understand and set his mind accordingly to purchase Plot , Unit # without waisting much time of Staff.

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Client Ledger / Statement

This is area where client waste much time of staff for taking his statement / ledger or to know the Pending payment of his File, Plot or Unit. It has been observed / Noticed that staff spend average 15-20 minutes for each customer to satisfy about his ledger on a phone call and some time much more if clients visiting company office. And while visiting clients to company office, much extra protocols required i.e
- Proper Sitting areas
- Some Reception Protocols
- Entertainment to client etc.
Irritation can come, if client has to wait some extra time to get his/her ledger, as time is Money. Ultimately Ladder Mobile App is the solution of all these and statement is very restricted area where client cannot enter into it without his User Id & Password as security.
To use the this part of mobile app, client has to do SignUp by giving basic credential i.e.
- Mobile
- Name
- Password & Verify Password
The credential send to server, from there passcode send to client on his mobile after successful confirmation. After passcode verification, client can login to see get DashBoard against his/her CNIC as
- Number of Files/Plots/Units (Active, Locked, Cancelled)
- Due Amount
- Paid Amount
- OutStanding Amount
- Over Due Amount
Detail of each unit can be seen by clicking Detail Button as in the form of Ledger. More there is button to see detail of Payments Deposited against each Unit .

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CThis is very important part of the mobile app i.e. that is you can send any special notification or warning to clients via pushing notification and that is readable to only that client only i.e.
1. Your plots is cancelled due to non payments
2. Visit Company office dated ??/??/????
3. Your possession letter will be available on ??/??/????

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Requirements for Mobile App

The requirement to use Mobile App as below
1. SMS It should be activated for sending messages passcode
2. WebSite Should be ready to place mobie app on website from where client can download
3. Cloud DataBase should be expose with proper security level Mobile App can also be implement Off-Line i.e. Placing DataBase on cloud with timer base

General Information

There are general & Misc. information on tab as
1. AboutUs Brief information about the developer & working projects
2. ContactUs Address, Contact Detail & Location of Offices
3. ProFile Profile of Login ID

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